Absolve, Hiss, Ridicule

I opened the hatch and pulled down the stairs, it had been years since I had been in the attic

My weight made each step creak, puffs of dust made my eyes water.

Upstairs it was dark, but the light worked…a single bulb casting weak light on rays of dust.

I surveyed the myriad crates, locked, hidden, and silent.

It was time to go through all the secrets of my past; unlock the crates of pain and ridicule, sorrow and anger. I am not quite sure what I shall find. These memories so carefully locked away; but I know that the only way to absolve myself of their legacy is to open each crate, one-by-one. Examine. Remember. Let go.

I find the key, right where it had been, all along, and place it in the lock of the first crate. It groans as the lock gives. The lid lifts with a hiss.

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  1. Interesting write. Love and Light, Sender

  2. Digging always unearths such finds, even into our own past.

  3. you are very thoughtful..made the whole story interesting

  4. well done -- and the ending is intriguing!