Important Announcement

Attention Ladies And Gentleman.

Peaceful Pandemonium has an important announcement…a wonderful revelation of the obvious!

Of all the things you should know that she didn't know, but now knows…know this.

My feelings matter.

My feelings are not always fitting the situation.

My feelings should not run the show.

But they do MATTER.

I was fully unaware of this fact. It took me by complete surprise.

You see, I spend so much time analyzing WHY I feel THIS or THAT, trying to feel the RIGHT FEELING…How I SHOULD FEEL that I always think my feelings don't matter.

It took a simple comment from Recovery Girl on THIS POST to realize that sometimes things in life make you angry, make you sad, make you happy. That all of these feelings are what you feel. It was OKAY that I was angry. It doesn't mean I have to live there, or let that run my life…but it is OKAY!

So, this is my thought of the week…HONORING MY FEELINGS.

I'm so excited! (and yes..it is a feeling that I'm honoring.)


  1. Welcome to what we all feel as humans. The trick is to feel it but at the same time identify it. An identified emotion loses its power over us so we can use it constructively in a controlled way, as we should for our own emotional health and of those who deal with us!
    Enjoy your emotions!

  2. Isn't that amazing. I don't know if this is true for you but when I was a kid I was taught to shut up and not cry about anything. I was taught to not have feelings. On this recovery path I am learning that it is human to have feelings. I have a choice how I act or don't act on those feelings and that is progress.

    Thank you for sharing this!


  3. I still have problems when someone asks how I am feeling. I honor my feelings, don't get hung up on them and certainly don't let them guide me, but verbally expressing them is still tricky. (Stroke related?????)...

  4. Pick up a copy of "How God changes your brain"and I think you will enjoy seeing where some of these feelings come from and what we really can do with them.............

    Love and light,
    aka richard

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm so glad I'm not alone. It FEELS great. I am getting better all the time :)

  6. Good for you! Your feelings are important!

  7. Yay!!! So glad the comment helped and OF COURSE your feelings matter - silly wabbit!