Only Day 8?

Hmmm. Committing to blog every day is more difficult than I thought. Turns out I'm not that interesting every day. The dirty truth of the day? I was super productive at work. I bought a cute new shirt. Took my daughter on a date to Applebees. Played World of Warcraft with my husband.

Embrace your ordinariness. (OK, and when it comes to WOW, embrace your lameness.)

The girls at work want me to start a recipe blog so they know what I've been eating to lose so much weight…so I'm also thinking of doing that. Really. Just boring, and not worth a post at all except for my commitment to no one in particular to post every day in December. But, I never stick to anything…so I really want to stick to this!

Oh, and I bought FREEDOM (a novel) and I'm off to curl in bed with my fresh new book.


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  1. I know, I know! - I started out blogging strongly too and as you are well aware, I've now slowed down on my posting. I decided not to put too much pressure on myself and will blog only when I feel I genuinely have something to offer. It's amazing how the simple act of blogging eats up so much energy and time! Despite that, I've also been thinking of starting another blog - something more general. I'd still keep the Recovery Girl blog going too but I think another blog would be fun. Your recipe blog sounds like a great idea. Hey, maybe we can somehow collaborate? That might be fun... I plan on hitting the new eating plan right after the new year. I'd start it now but don't want to be a masochist over the holidays lol! I do have all my "no sugar" books ordered and ready to read! :-)