15 Things

I saw a blog today where Pixie Polly made a list of 29 things she wanted to do for her 29th birthday. I thought it was a fantastic idea that was worthy of plagiarizing. I decided to come up with 15 things to do before my 16-year-sobriety b-day. I set to work on it last night and have so far only come up with 8 things.

Am I really that boring that I can only come up with 8 things? Do I have so little creativity that I can only come up with 8 things?

Here are my 8 things…I'm trying to come up with 7 more and I'm looking for suggestions.

  1. Track down and eliminate all debt (except student loans)
  2. Lose 30 pounds by abstaining from all sugar and flour
  3. Make my own Japa mala
  4. Fill my scrapbook with my wedding photos
  5. Make a photobook of my children
  6. Self-publish a pocket book of wisdom
  7. Fix all the clothes with broken zippers that have been sitting in my closet for years
  8. Do Yoga twice a week


1 comment:

  1. hey....i dont know about you but one thing i really want to do is learn to knit sweaters and learn crotchet :)