Bratty Teenage Moment

I really want to post a blog a day in December. The problem today is that I have nothing at all inspirational to say. To be candid, I am a little pissed off and sitting in resentment. And the entire things is so PETTY. I am PETTY.

The best definition I could find for petty was, "Lacking importance or mean or ungenerous in small or trivial matters." I am UNGENEROUS in small or trivial matters.

Someone pissed me off. They IMPLIED and perhaps even BLAMED something on me that was TOTALLY their fault. Moreover, as you can tell from reading this post, it has turned me into a sniveling little teenager. LIKE TOTALLY, OMG!!!!

And because I don't know quite how to deal with this, it makes me shy away from ALL WOMEN.

Why are women so readily petty and mean to other women? Then, aren't I doing the same thing? Well..SHE started it. I am SO going to tell on her.



I so wish I had a dad, then I could, like, totally borrow is credit card and SHOP AT HER.

Even as I'm writing this, I'm finding this a very valid exercise. Sometimes its good to let that inner bratty teenager out. I mean, she's in my head grumbling anyways, I may as well let her have her say. It lets me see how silly I'm being. This kind of anger is like taking poison and hoping to kill someone else.

So, my bratty teenager says to you, "Whatever! You are so, like, pathetic. And I don't have to listen to you, or be made small by you, or own your bullshit. You can keep your drama sister. I'm like, so totally over it."


  1. I think it's totally OK (and normal) to sometimes get p.o.'d at people - all people though, not just women. Maybe I'm lucky, but I've got some of the best women friends on the planet - I LOVE my women friends! I'm also trying to understand why you call yourself "petty" and "silly", when someone blamed you for something that was not really your fault? I'd be p.o.'d too and rightfully so!

    Now, about that shopping - a little retail therapy never hurt anyone, right? Enjoy!

  2. Maybe I am too hard on myself. I suppose I can hear the voice of this person telling me I'm just being petty. I do have some wonderful woman friends, I just seem to have a more difficult time processing it when women are mean. Thanks for the clarity!

  3. I don't care for mean girls at all! I don't care what age they are, they just aren't any fun to be around.

    Retail therapy . . . yes. . .