15 things

15 Things
Inspired by Pixie Polly Iwho made a list of 29 things she wanted to do for her 29th birthday, I finally made my own list of 15 things I want to do before 16-years of sobriety.  

15 things I will do before my 16-year sobriety birthday.

  1. Track down and eliminate all debt (except student loans)
  2. Lose 30 pounds by abstaining from all sugar and flour 
  3. Make my own Japa mala 
  4. Fill my scrapbook with my wedding photos 
  5. Make a photobook of my children 
  6. Self-publish a pocket book of wisdom 
  7. Fix all the clothes with broken zippers that have been sitting in my closet for years 
  8. Do Yoga twice a week  
  9. Make my own motivational planner for 2011 
  10. Fix my sewing machine 
  11. Make my children home made Halloween Costumes 
  12. Start an art journal  
  13. Do something randomly kind for a stranger 
  14. Have date night at least 6 times 
  15. Blog at least once a week

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