Joyously Uncomfortable

The odds are, if you're reading this, you are procrastinating something.

In fact, I am currently procrastinating on a project to write this blog on procrastination.

Procrastination, for me, happens for a lot of different reasons. The main culprit is FEAR. Fear I'll do it wrong. Fear I'll look stupid. Fear I am stupid.

The antidote to procrastination is rigorous action. This is like rigorous honesty, (which a sober manner of living demands ). Rigorous honesty means being honest about ourselves no matter how painful. Rigorous action is doing what needs to be done no matter how uncomfortable.

Rigorous brings to mind an exertion so great my legs quiver and my pits sweat. Not pretty…but sometimes doing an activity I am avoiding feels that difficult.

Sweating. Panting. Wheezing.

The action may be simple…but not easy. It's like running a marathon. I mean…how easy is running? One foot in front of another at a fast pace. But, if you're out of shape one foot in front of another at a fast pace can be incredibly uncomfortable. And uncomfortable sucks.

I am a creature of comfort! I love comfy clothes, a comfy bed, even comfort food. (I do not wear comfortable shoes…I wear cute shoes.) I really have to push myself to be uncomfortable.

This week is ALL ABOUT BEING JOYOUSLY UNCOMFORTABLE! Doing things I do not want to do, things that are uncomfortable. Doing it anyways. Doing it joyfully.

Each day. At least one thing.


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  1. Awesome reminder! I have to remind myself to just do it. I find the just do it time tales much less time and energy that the mind spin i can get caught up in.