Spilt Milk


I had a good friend relay this story.

Imagine a friend comes to your house and spills milk all over. Would you yell at them? Would ask them, "how could you be so stupid? Look what you did! Now I have to clean up this big mess!"

Of course you wouldn't. But what would you say to yourself? How often do we talk to ourselves that way?

Over the last three weeks I made commitment that I wasn't allowed to say anything to myself that I wouldn't say to anyone else. Slowly, over time, i have started to change the dialogue I have with me.

Even better I am more aware of what I am saying to me.

In AA we say that there will come a time when we recoil from alcohol like a hot flame. I have been blessed that way go feel that way for over a decade. What I have found is that negative self-talk is just as deadly as drinking. It destroys my soul. Oi must recoil from those thoughts as IOC they are deadly poison.

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  1. That's a good way of putting it, why say something to yourself you wouldnt say to a friend, in the culture I grew up in self praise was almost a crime! A common insult was - she thinks she's great (imagine!) Its a hard habit to knock, but really worth it. I do it all the time so thanks for the reminder!