She is skating as fast as she can.

Her arms are flailing about in a windmill, her waist length hair a cyclone about her head. Her head leans back, her hands fly in the air and I am certain she is going to fall, but through some miraculous force and a broad circling of her arms, she rights herself and is headed off again.

Skates stomping more as if she is running than gliding. Her movements are more ferocious than graceful, she is fiercely determined to be fast and free.

Than, her eye catches her reflection in the mirrors that line the far end of the rink and she is momentarily mesmerized by her own magnificence. She flails and falls, bottom hits, arms reach for the air. My breath stops..we wait...and she is up again. She is off.

My heart is full of love, admiration, awe, and a consuming fear of head injuries. But she, she is unafraid. She is magnificent.

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  1. It would seem that when we are not truly engaged in self that The Divine is in fact in charge of all we do......great concept and very revealing, vulnerable....I like that.....

    Love and light,
    ezduzit777 aka richard

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