Intuition & Now

When you tap into your intuition, it unfailingly leads you to the next right thing.

My intuition may broadly guide me in a direction, but intuition is very specific in guiding me to the next right thing. Sometimes its cleaning out a cupboard. Sometimes its calling a friend. Sometimes its saying yes or saying no.

The key is to take a moment…breathe…and ask your still, small, inner voice , "Now what?" Remembering to pause and be guided by spirit is also the best way I have find to connect with RIGHT NOW.

I was driving down the street and a friend I had been thinking of for the last week popped into my head. I knew I needed to call her, that something was "up" with her. I called her number and it rang and rang. I decided to just let it keep ringing "until something happened." (This is exactly what I thought.)

Finally she answered, confused. Her phone had been disconnected for a month and she didn't know how my call had gotten through.

"Apparently," I said, "You must have really needed it."

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