Limiting Perceptions

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Its interesting how we get certain things in our mind about who we are…and what we can accomplish. I had a major revelation today (and excuse…because this is so elementary) but I realized that growing up poor has affected my perception about what I am capable of.

I've known this at some level, because we hear it so often. You know, all that talk about the messages we receive in childhood. But, as I'm going about doing a financial inventory – really taking stock of all the wreckage of my finances. No credit card debt – but a foreclosure, and tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills. (Though –thankful I have my life, don't know how I will pay that debt.)

But I realized that as these bills come past my home office desk, I feel unable to pay them. Where will this money come from? I don't have money! My husband is out of work! I have only my income! A song a majority of America is singing.

But I do have money. I have a great job. I just have this PERCEPTION that I am poor. I am not poor. I make well above the median income for people in my area…at my age…in my circumstances. There are millions of American's who do far more, with far less. I just FEEL poor. And it limits me. It alters every decision that I make.

How many of my PERCEPTIONS limit what I am capable of in my life?

This is what I'm getting to the bottom of.


  1. Again, what you write is so true, it reminds me of a bird that was given to my mum that had been in its cage and never let out, the first thing my mum did was open the cage door expecting it to rush out and fly, but it just stayed inside with what it knew, so sad, but I think on some level we all do it...until we reevaluate our programming.
    I do love reading your posts...wise words well written! :o)

  2. I just love the visual of a bird stuck in a cage. That is so powerful! Thank you Deborah for your support :)

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  4. Exactly! I love the saying "there is no reality, only perception" for exactly the reasons you talk about in your post. What we believe about ourselves is SO important and easily becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I also love how you sat back and noticed your blessings and put things in perspective. I think we can all benefit from doing that every once in awhile.

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