Love Song to Alcoholism

For some reason when I listen to this song I think of alcoholism...troubles...depression. Things I have worked to overcome.  It's such a beautiful song, and music video...I thought I would share.


  1. I'm so glad my internet came on long enough to listen to this. I've got goose bumps all over, brilliant words and a brilliant video ... all your posts seem to make perfect sense to me! I loved it :o)

  2. Thank you, that's so lovely of you, my internet has gone potty at them moment so I may be offline quite a bit, so while I can ... here's sending lots of love your way too :o)

  3. There aren't any appropriate words for me to use here. This is deep. So much truth in all those things, even people who have become ghosts in my past.

    This is a lovely video of what real life looks like sometimes. Thank you for sharing this.