Just a quick thought for the day.

Thank you for the prayers…I could feel them, and it made me stronger to know I was not alone.

As I was praying about my sugar addiction, I had an image of Abraham willing to sacrifice his son. It made me think of how dear sugar is to me, and how it ultimately serves to separate me from God, because I turn to sugar for peace, instead of my Higher Power.

I imagined myself placing a bowl of refined sugar on an altar, and offering it to God as a sacrifice…so that I may grow closer to The Divine.

That is my offering; to take away my difficulties that I may better do Thy will.





  1. This imagery is incredible. It is very much like fasting. We do not fast because we want answers to prayers or because we want God to do something. We fast or give up something for lent, it is so that we can allow that space to become empty that we have filled with "sugar". So, when we are tempted to go pick up the "sugar", we talk to God instead. In the end, we get closer to God. He gets closer to us. He shows his favor to us.

    You are in my prayers. You encourage me to step outside my comfort zone of the "things" I have placed before God in my life. Instead, I need to place them before God as a sacrifice and place Him first.

  2. By the way, this journey you are on, that you are willing to share here as you post, is a courageous one. Be encouraged and know that you are wrapped in love.

  3. Pastor Sharon - you are such a blessing to me :) I hope you know that!