Positive Energy

Its funny how things inspire you…and give you that aha moment. I was watching Oprah last week, and saw this video of Oprah’s talk with a ten-year-old that tried to kill his mother when he was seven. It was eye opening to see not only how mental illness is real, can start young, but  also the techniques he was taught to cope with his anger.

I had been using similar techniques to eradicate all my negative thinking from my life. I spend so much time putting myself down, it is no wonder I am sometimes hit hard by depression. There can simply be no room in my life for negative self-talk.
I had my list of “self-love” (which took me forever to write because it is so foreign to me,) my list of positive songs (to which I am adding the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack,) but there is also a moment-by-moment decision to invite positive energy (God’s love) into my life, and conscious repel negativity.

It has started in my home. When my kids get into fight with one another or get into their own negative (aka whiny/angry) moods, we sit down, close our eyes, and imagine God’s love repelling all the negativity away. We grab our anger in our hand, we imagine it there and talk about all that is in it…then we let it go, watch it float away, and be consumed by God’s love.

This has become a very powerful exercise for me. At first (and sometimes still) it seems a little silly to me, but it helps me consciously aware of what I am letting in to the Lisa bubble. I don’t always have control of what is happening in my life, but I have control over how I let it affect me.


  1. very inspirational. i love how you deal with anger, placing it in your hand, before watching it floats away... i may just copy that...

  2. I think that's wonderful, I know what you mean that it can feel silly sometimes but it really is very powerful, you're changing your whole belief sytsem about you ... and giving your children wonderful techniques that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. Perception is everything, I really am so pleased for you :o)

    I'm totally with you on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, there's one in it that I 'literally' can't keep still to!