A Little Self-Love

I have been focusing way too much on the negative things about myself, so today I am going to share some great blessings God has given my person.

1. I am a professional comedienne. You probably wouldn't have guessed by the mopey way I've been writing lately, but it's true. I've been doing Improv comedy (think Whose Line is it Anyways) for 13 years. At one point I was voted Redding's Best Comedienne (the town where I live) and my troupe has been performing to sell out crowds once a month for over a decade. Thank you God for this gift.

2.  I have a quick and brilliant mind. There are times when I am discouraged by the way my brain works, but 90% of the time it is quick, sharp, and brilliant. God has blessed me with a genius IQ and I am grateful for this gift.

3. I have an infectious laugh. I am known for my laugh. Sometimes teased, but I laugh all the time.

4. I am affectionate. I am a great motivator. I make a conscious effort to lift up those around me.

5. I am the Director of GSD, Get Shit Done. In my professional life I am organized and on top of it.

6. I am a loving mother and wife. My family knows they are loved, special, and safe.

For each positive thing I write I have to shut up the inner voice that says, Ya...but..." I spend enough time trying to weed out character defects, and not enough time celebrating ME.

My internet is back up, so I’ll be back to blogging now, and I have so much to share about the great the miracles in my life.


  1. YAY!!! FANTASTIC!! ... and yes I can believe those things about you, brilliant minds aren't always easy to have, acute awareness etc. I'm looking forward to reading some more posts about the exceptional and wonderful PP :O) ... WELL DONE! ... this has been a tonic to read x