All Delighted People

Taking the suggestions of some of my readers, I have spent the week surrounding myself with positivity. In my office at work, I have some of my favorite tunes playing – those that just make me happy or inspired.
The most important thing about bringing more positivity in your life is to speak it and hear it.  Say positive things about yourself, about others, about your circumstances.

Walk and talk gratitude.

It is also important to HEAR positive things. Negativity / Depression becomes a State of Mind. It becomes a habit to see the negative in everything, including yourself.

I have value! I look at the scale and think that four or five pounds diminish my value (or increase it if the pounds diminish. Any mistake I make means I am a mistake. I hide from life.

My husband and I talked about hitting the RESET button on our lives. We have to consciously say, “Yes…it’s been a tough two years. Now its time to make to start over.”

So, I’m nurturing my inner-child, which the cynical, pratical side of me can barely stand to even write. But, I’m doing it anyways.

Now – your task! I want to know some of your favorite motivational song! Music is a great way to connect to positivity.
Here are a few of my favorites:

I am surrounding myself with all things positive – so share some of yours with me.


  1. I'm soo pleased to read this.
    When you're used to beating yourself up it can be difficult at first sometimes, but it's like reprogramming yourself. After a time you'll find the 'effort' of doing it diminshes and it will become natural to think of yourself this way. We all have habitual grooves we fall in to, we just have to be aware of them and not let them play out. I still consciously avoid sad music,fims or anything that may 'tap' into that part of my brain, so I think it's brilliant you're surrounding yourself with all things positive. Life is all about our perception of it, and it is so empowering when we realise that we really can 'choose' to be happy. No matter how difficult it feels loving yourself, just stick at it, it works! :o)

    ... and as for songs,I'd say yours are a pretty good choice!

    I'll be sending LOTS of love and positivity your way x

  2. This is a beautiful place to be.

    What a gift that we have a reset button! Thank you so much for sharing that. Now that I am aware of it, I know it can be reset. Yes!

    You are such a light of inspiration.
    Motivational songs:
    Overjoyed-Stevie Wonder
    For Once in My life-Stevie Wonder
    Nobody's Gonna Break My Stride-???don't know who