So Much Grace

God moves mountains.

On Thursday of last week, while I was home sick with the flu, someone came to my door and pulled the rug out from under me (as much as one can pull the rug figuratively and still be almost literal.) I had one week to move out of my house, zero money, zero prospects, a ton of fear.

One week later, I am moving into a brand new home (a huge upgrade) because the place showed up, the money showed up, the opportunities lined up, and I even have a plethora of friends willing to drop everything to help me move.

There is NO WAY this could happen without the intervention of a Power Greater Than Myself. God moved mountains – I simply remained present, calm, and open to receive Grace. I feel humbled by this experience.
The Power behind me is greater than the problems in front of me.

So grateful.


  1. Wonderful! I'm so pleased for you :o)

  2. I am so happy for you. I am actually going to be writing about the same thing today at some point. It is a beautiful thing when we truly believe and give it to our HP. Living in fear blinds us from the opportunities that are in front of us!!!

    All the best in your new place, enjoy!!

  3. Oh how HE loves you and me!!!!!

    What a beautiful miracle!

  4. To paraphrase slightly, the BB states; "...deep within each man, woman, and child lies the Great Reality...". Of course this is but one more reference to God as We understand IT.

    Many of us find solace in the fact as we realize it that our very Essence is that of a Power Greater than Myself.

    This at many times explains how IT always has and takes the opportunity to bring about the right and perfect Divine Occurence in our lives as human beings. IT is the inside job...

    Once again your sharing is without a doubt "divinely inspired and truly "rat on !!!!".

    As Lott says in scripture; "...dont look back..." keep following your feet.

    Love and Light

    richard aka ezduzit777 on twitter