She steals in.
Takes power.
Quietly murmurs.

She leans softly, her breath in my ear.
Each whisper slow poison.
To my thoughts, my soul. 


  1. What a delight to see you writing again....I think you should not stop....
    A new set of thinking for you if you would like to try it...

    It is my humble opinion that the BB Page 59 at top of page is totally Truth...; "There is One who has all Power, that One is God, may you find Him now."...

    This means for me that God is; "...everything, everywhere all the time...." NO EXCEPTIONS. That being true then EGO and all self generated fear are manifestations of God....so if God is Good then what can be bad? Answer, nothing.

    This all comes to mean it is my perception of all things that may be in error as opposed to bad. God is all things including my ill perceived things in life. This set of thinking has definitely made my life easier.

    So again I welcome you back and know that only good words can possibly come through you

    Love and light

  2. Richard, it is good to be back. Ego, in my belief, is the manifestation of the illusion that there is anything but God. But I suppose its all semantics.