We often think of Ego as the voice inside our heads that tells us that we are better than others. The part of our psyche that protects us by bolstering our sense of self importance.

EGO is really the illusion that we are separate from those around us. Different in some way. The illusion that we are better than, less than…that we are displaced. The truth is that we are, at all times, part of the Whole, we are a ray of light from the Source. And just as when beams of light converge and there is greater brightness, when we open our eyes to our partnership with the Universe we are illuminated.

To be mindful of our EGO means being mindful of our thoughts. Every thought that puts us above, below, or apart from another is the lie. We must call out the lie, and confront it with the light. This is done with Grace and Humility.

"I see that we are not separate. I honor you. I honor myself. Namaste."

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